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ASTI Rescue – Natural Relief For Rashes Due To Poison Oak, Poison Ivy and Sumac

Are you suffering from a rash caused by poison oak, poison ivy or sumac?

These plant-induced rashes occur when skin comes in contact with the toxic oils on leaves, stems, berries or roots. The plant oils from poison oak & ivy may adhere to animal fur, clothing, garden tools or other surfaces and then spread to humans. ASTI Rescue provides all-natural relief from the itching, pain & discomfort and offers soothing relief to the itchy, burning sensations and oozing blisters that can be caused by poison oak, poison ivy & sumac.  ASTI Rescue also speeds the healing of the skin, and you feel an immediate “on-contact itch relief.”

Using extracts from the root of the Bitter Melon plant and other natural ingredients, ASTI Rescue acts as an anti-inflammatory and healing agent to improve skin condition. This effective treatment for poison oak, poison ivy and sumac contains no harsh chemicals that can further irritate tender skin such as butylparabens, methylparabens, propylparabens, alcohols or Lanolin.