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Al Bargen, Fitness Expert and Author has been a loyal and satisfied customer of Astilife products for a very long time.. He too thinks that Astilife products are a “miracle in a bottle”.

“As you can imagine, the Canadian winters can really do a number on your skin. When it’s cold out, the moisture gets sucked out of your skin and it gets dry, cracked, and irritated. That’s why I was so excited to receive my Pau Kiki today. I consider it to be mandatory winter skin defense. Thanks Asti Life!”

~ Al Bargen, Canada.


I was a licensed cosmetologist for many years, and I have always taken care of my feet, especially since I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2003. About 2 years ago, I noticed my big toenail had become partially detached and not long after I could see the recognizable signs of the dreaded fungus. Last September, while I was packing to move, I dropped a very heavy box on my toe and it became further detached and soon after, it came off, completely. Honestly, I was relieved, thinking it would grow back fresh and new. I was positively mistaken! My nail is almost completely grown back out, and the fungus came back, too. I was frustrated because I had been using a topical liquid anti-fungal treatment for the past several months.

Honestly, I didn’t hold out much hope for this remedy, but figured it couldn’t hurt matters. Fast forward to a mere 3 days later, and……My nail is fully attached again! Seriously! Never, in a million years did I imagine I would be writing a review on this product after only 3 days! Let’s be honest, products like this normally take months to work, if they work at all, and if you have to take antibiotics to get rid of a fungal infection, you’re looking at treatment for approximately 9 months and you still have to wait for the nail to fully regrow. I am completely floored over the immediate results of this product and the funny thing is, I only use it once a day! ASTI Restore is liquid gold!

Needless to say, I give this the highest of recommendations. I have tried a total of 3 different nail fungus treatments before this and I only saw real results with 1, and it took at least 2 months for that to happen! This is a magical miracle in a bottle! If you have nail fungus, this will knock it out. I am very thankful I was able to try this at a discounted rate, in exchange for my honest, unbiased feedback and review. I couldn’t be happier.

~ Amy, Il

For over 10 years I have suffered from psoriasis, which occurs on my arms, and legs. I have tried many products including corticosteroids , but none of them
seemed to help.

I was introduced to Astilife’s Rescue by a friend. I was having a flare up at the time, and was having trouble sleeping, because of the constant itching.

I begin applying the product twice a day, and within a day, the itching went away, and the redness begin to subside on my skin.

This product really worked for me, and it has helped me manage my psoriasis.

~Avanell Manke, CA

I used to get extremely painful cystic acne, usually 2 or 3 at a time, blended in with regular acne. I have been using AstiClear for 7 months, my skin looks great! I hardly ever get acne now; when I get them they are much smaller, not so red and not painful! I started to notice a big change in my skin after only 4 days.
~ Brittany , Cleveland

My Golden Retriever had an ugly sore on his face. I used PauKiki, and within 3 days it looked 100% better! This product works for me and it works for my dog. Great Product!
~ Leanne, Pacific Grove

I will not be without this product. When I feel a cold sore coming on, I put a little PauKiki on it, and almost immediately I don’t feel the cold sore coming on anymore. I love this product and I tell all my friends about it.
~ Karen J, San Jose

After hearing about Clear from a friend, I decided to try it. My friend told me that it worked well for him, so I gave it a try. I saw results almost right away. My skin has been clear for about 4 months now. I would tell anybody to try this product, because it has helped me.

Don, LA

Excellent product, easy to use and effective. I would not recommend this product unless someone asked me, it is not something you talk about. If they did ask me I would say: “ No more Jock itch… Rescue did the job!”

John D, AZ

My son was diagnosed with psoriasis on his lower back area when he was around 6 years old. A friend of mine introduced me to Rescue by Astilife, I started using it every morning and every evening. In the beginning I felt that the area seemed to have a little more redness too it, However, after using the product for about 2 weeks, I saw a significant clearing of the skin. I re-apply the product after he takes a bath as the product is water-soluble. I highly recommend this product.

Marianne J, Scotts Valley CA

This is absolutely amazing. I always suffered from my cold soars for at least 7-12 days, with Astilifes Rescue I found immediate relief, I could not be happier with the product and I tell everyone who need a solution that Rescue is it!

Beverly , Laguna Beach

This stuff does work! If it works for me it will work for anyone that is serious about getting rid of nail fungus. I recently noticed I had nail fungus on my fingernail, the nail was newly infected and Restore by Astilife cleared it in about 3 weeks.
Great Stuff!

~ Lori K, Los Gatos

I tried everything, spent a lot of $, came to the conclusion that I would always have my ugly acne. Than I found Asti Clear, and I’m a happy! I love the all natural ingredients. I urge anyone with acne or other skin problems to try the Asti Clear. Since I was so impressed with Asti Clear, I tried the product Paukiki for sunburns and it was absolutely Spectacular!

Jennifer B, Tempe

I noticed that my face had developed quite a few sun spots, I live in Arizona and love the outdoors, I have been using paukiki for 5 months now. I saw a big difference after using the product for 3 weeks. A lot of my sunspots faded. I still have some sunspots left and I’m not sure if I will ever get rid of them, but I’m very happy with the results so far.

William B, Az

I used Astilife Rescue lotion for my outbreak of shingles, I found it to be very effective. My outbreak was around my neck area, I used the product whenever I felt I needed too as it is all natural, there is no chemicals in it. After about a week I saw significant clearing of the skin, the itching and inflammation was gone. I also use the product at bedtime as a preventative, to prevent recurrence on the area where I normally would flare up. I love this product!

Douglas P, Aptos CA

I would like to say “Thank you” for coming up with your Rescue product, I have suffered from psoriasis for years. It seemed that the products I used for years were not working anymore. My aunt suggested I used Rescue for my psoriasis on my fingers, after the first couple of days of using Rescue, redness and itchiness started to get better. I don’t know why it works so well, but it does and you have a happy customer!

Colleen, Watsonville CA

This is a great product for nail fungus. I have had nail fungus on both big toenails for about 2-3 years. After purchasing Restore I began religiously (never missing an application) applying it twice a day to both toe nails. I have used the product now for about 5 months and both nails are virtually clear. I know it takes a while but STICK WITH IT it really works!

Travis A, Novato Ca

I can’t thank you enough for your Paukiki product. Half way to Hawaii, I realized that I had forgotten my cold soar medication. I was so upset. I started going through my purse over and over again. I happened to find my bottle of Paukiki, it stated that it works for any skin irritations so I used it on my cold soar, It worked right away! I just re-apply when needed. This product should be in every medicine cabinet!

Lauren, Sand City

I’ve been using Asticlear product for 2 weeks now. I never used to break out much when I was younger until recently (I’m in my early 30’s). I started to break out on my forehead, nose and around my mouth. I used Asticlear and notice my face clearing up within 2-3 days. The great thing is that the breakout has not occurred again! I have used many products but this is the product I will be using in my regimen! I did feel that the product was a little “dry” when I added make-up, so I always make sure I use a moisturizer over it.

~ Leslie L, Monterey CA

Astilife’s skin care cream (PauKiki) is highly effective for any skin issue. I often get serious sunburn in my stone quarries and Astilife products cause my skin to heal fast and without pain, turning tan instead of peeling. Sincerely,

~ Frank, Scottsdale
A customer for Life.

I have one toenail that has been infected for years. I have used Restore as directed for 4 months, 2x a day. I’m noticing that where I have new nail growth the nail is Perfect. I will continue to use it as I worry if I stop using it the fungus will come back. The fact that the product is 100% natural is a BIG + for me.

~ John H, Santa Cruz

I work in a rual area in California, One day one of my co-workers rescued a kitten from the outside dock, I ended up taking care of the kitten and with that came ringworms. Your product was Amazing, when nothing else would touch the ringworm infestation Rescue solved the problem I was so miserable! Rescue did everything it promised it would do. You’ve given me my life back.

~ Sharon T

One of my daughters has a mild case of eczema, I have to tell you that Rescue works wonders!

~ Diane – Chandler AZ

I know that I benefit from not putting harmful ingredients on my skin, therefore when a friend told me about Paukiki I was delighted. I have fair skin with 4-5 very obvious age spots, I used the product twice a day, and after 2 weeks I started notice a difference. Every couple of days I noticed the spots getting more and more lighter. After 2 months the spots are almost completely gone.

~ Marilyn J, Az

“I used my Pau Kiki as part of my homeopathic remedies for my cold this past week. It kept my skin akin around my nose and lips soothed and healed from the constant tissue wiping.”

~ Deborah Norling, Missouri

“I was diagnosed with shingles in February 2009, and the doctor prescribed Valtrex. The Valtrex stopped the spreading of the shingles on my body, but did not alleviate the extreme discomfort from the shingles. Because of the shingles, I did not want any restrictive clothing touching that area as my nerve endings felt raw. A friend gave me the AstiRescue by AstiLife and I started using it immediately. I felt relief from the discomfort within a few minutes and continued using it every few hours during the day until my discomfort had faded away entirely. I showed it to my doctor and she said she didn’t know how it could work because the discomfort is under the skin in the nerve endings, but if it worked to keep using it. When a person has shingles, finding relief is foremost on your mind and this product definitely did the trick.”

~Sharon H, Arizona

“My 7 year old son was playing in the forest and got poison oak all over his face, arms, and belly area. He immediately started itching, he was miserable. I sprayed AstiRescue on his skin, not only did it immediately stop the itch, it was gone within 5 days.”

Thank you AstiLife!!

~Wendy P, California

“Since the birth of my daughter 3 years ago, I have had very bad acne (sometimes boils) around my chin area. When my aunt sent me a bottle of AstiClear, I was thinking: “just another acne product”. However, when my husband said one morning:” what happened to your face”. I said what, and ran to the mirror.. What I saw was a clean, no acne face looking back at me. I can really recommend this product.”

~Monica V, Norway

“As a teenager I had No acne, not even black heads. However as the years went by and I turned 40 I suddenly started to have boils around my chin area. I tried AstiClear and have been very satisfied with the results!”

~Jennifer F, California

“My daughter gave me a bottle of Pau Kiki, I kept it in my medicine cabinet, just in case I needed it for sunburn or insect bites. One day I noticed that I had a cold sore on my lip, I put some Pau Kiki on it, and within a few days it was gone.”

~Anna T, Norway

“This product completely cured my toenail fungus! Watching it “do it’s work” was amazing and it only took 18 days. This fungus started it’s growth about 20 years ago – it grew with a fury and before too long, my toenails (all 10) were raised and they became discolored with bruising because they hit the top of my shoes, which led to more openings for fungus to grow. I had to keep my toenails painted or wear socks. It was physically painful and emotionally embarrassing. I tried what I thought to be everything: white vinegar, tea tree oil, cures from catalogs, pharmacies and manicurists. ASTIRestore is a miracle cure as far as I am concerned. I used it twice a day but I had to stop for 3 days because my nails became very tender and sore-it is powerful! My toenails look great and all the pain and embarrassment is gone.”

~Pam H, Monterey, CA

“Most Acne products I have used before, just dry out the skin. But your wonderful AstiClear product is great!  I have never seen such “almost instant” result and long term effect, it even makes the skin smoother and look younger.”

~Debra E, Mountain View California

“My 13 year old son Taylor got really sunburned up by the pool. That night I put Johnson & Johnson burn cream on him, I used ice, I tried everything. Taylor was crying. Than I remembered I had a bottle of Pau Kiki laying around, I sprayed it on the burned area, and he felt an instant relief! Thank you Asti Life.”

~Scott P, San Mateo, California

“Thank you for the ASTI Relief. A few days after receiving it my eleven year old granddaughter was stung by a bee. Your remedy was the most effective of everything we tried for relieving the itching. Over the three or four days of her recovery, she repeatedly asked for ASTI. It was soothing, and comforting to her. It really made a difference. Thank you!”

~Pat L

“I tried the sample of the Asti Life formula for sunburns, insect bites and cuts/scrapes, after getting sunburned on my shoulders and finding a small red swollen area on my arm, which looked to be a bite from an insect. I spritzed the solution 3 times that day on my sunburned areas and had nice soothing relief, with less noticeability the next day. As far as the insect bite, I could hardly see the mark on my arm the following day, having used the solution a couple times after noticing the bite. I never had any itching in that area either which I usually experience from insect bites. Upon recommendation, I have given my mother a sample formula for her dermatitis she gets on her hands often, and she was pleased with the relief she received. I am truly looking forward to trying the other formulas where and when necessary because I really like what I’ve seen so far! The natural products using the goods from the earth always seem to be the best for your body don’t they?! Thank-you for introducing me to Asti Life!”

~Kelly H, Arizona

“One morning I woke up to find a fine rash on my wrist; This rash was very itchy and was growing larger, it was very red.

At this time I remembered that a friend gave me a sample of Pau Kiki, so I used it just as the direction said, and within a few minutes the rash was not itching anymore and the bumps were going down. By the end of the day it was gone and this problem never returned. This product was fantastic and easy to use.”

~Maria D, Petaluma California

“After my first day on the slopes at Snowbird / Utah, my face was very sunburned. It felt “stiff” and painful from the sun.

My wife had brought Pau Kiki and I sprayed it on.; I felt an immediate relief! In the past when I have had a sunburn, my skin has been flaking and itching, this time I did not experience that at all. My skin did not peel and the relief was instant.”

~Perry S, Scotts Valley

“I was amazed at the results we received when we used Asti-Life. My daughter was in an accident and had several abrasions. On top of this she was allergic to the nylon material used to keep circulation in her immobilized legs so she was extremely uncomfortable with a rash that broke out. Asti-Life went to work quickly bringing not only relief of the discomfort and itching but before we knew it the rash and the abrasions were greatly diminished, even the Dr was impressed. I will recommend and buy Asti-Life for all my family and friends!”

~Kimberlee Morris

AstiClear is great. I never had pimples all my life, but around 30 -35 I started to break out. I tried a lot of different products, but nothing worked. I bought a bottle of AstiClear and after 2 weeks I saw a difference.”

~Mary A, Carmel

“I just love this product!! PauKiki was recommended to me after a facial, I was told to use it nightly before I put my night cream on. I have been using this product for approximately 3-4 months, I have noticed an amazing change in my skin, it’s smooth, beautiful, and radiant and it feels firmer.

Thank you Astilife,”

~Becky, Oregon

“This is really a miracle in a bottle! I have sensitive skin and I had no problems using this product. It is light on the face, not heavy and oily. It not only made my wrinkles go away, but it really helped clear up blemishes. I use it morning and evening before I moisturize. I have spent a lot of dollars on very expensive creams and lotions, and this is by far the best one I have used. Paukiki is the best!”

~Stephanie , San Jose

“I’m 70 years old and lately my girlfriends are asking me what I’m using on my skin, this product really works! I tell my girlfriends it is a 100% natural facelift! I have noticed an improvement in fine lines, my skin is glowing, there’s a difference in the texture and tone to my skin. I had some “brown” spots on my chin area and I have noticed they are fading away. I’m very impressed.”

~Ollie , Cyprus

“After about a month of using Paukiki I really started to notice the wrinkles around my upper lips starting to fade. It has now been 2 months, an I have to say my skin looks better than it has in years.”

~Collen R, Santa Cruz

“I love your Rescue product. I have shared it with many people, we use it on a regular basis in our home, (even on our dog). It is great for your skin, wonderful for burns and it works great on my baby’s diaper rash!”

~Nicole, Scotts Valley

“For years I have had a bump on my back, it was of brownish color and seemed to grow bigger. My boyfriend started to use AstiRescue on it every night. After about 3 weeks I noticed that it was “flat”, I looked in the mirror and noticed that it was much smaller and that the brownish color had faded. I was amazed.

Thank you for a great product.”

~Mona T, Norway

“Two weeks ago we had a great deal of sun in our area and I spent an entire afternoon outside working in the yard. Although I wore a wide brim hat, the back of my neck still got hit with a lot of sun. This was my first real sun exposure of the year… Or should I say overexposure. The back of my neck burned a lot. I’ve got to tell you, the cooling relief of the aloe, and other ingredients in the Pau Kiki make this product a must have for my medicine cabinet.”

~ Al, Canada