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Try A Bottle Of Our Best-Selling & Top-Rated Nail Beautifier To Help Stop Nail Fungus

Naturally restore your nails while eliminating fungus with a sample of our 100% natural nail beautifier called ASTI Restore (*just cover the small shipping and handling cost and we’ll send your bottle right away)!
Here’s why our customers rate ASTI Restore so highly: 
• Quickly restores nail to their natural color 
• Easy to apply on both hands and feet 
• Fragrance-free and no stinging upon  application 
• Helps reattachment of loose nails 
• Made in the U.S.A. and shipped quickly 
• 100% Natural! No parabens, No SLS, No artificial ingredient, No perfume, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and never tested on animals. 

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Restore Your Nails To Their Natural, Healthy Beauty

Nail dis-coloration, loosening, and brittleness can come from fungus buried deep in the nail. Often times, it can start without warning and be attributed to something and innocent as a pedicure or manicure. Once it takes hold, it can really hurt your confidence, and eventually you either stop wearing your favorite shoes or sandals, and start toe-tucking, or in the case of fingernails, run out of ways to hide it and have to alter your lifestyle. 
But you don’t have to waste time and money on expensive procedures or strong-smelling and artificial ointments just to feel relief and get your confidence back – you can try a sample bottle of ASTI Restore to see for yourself there is a better, easier way to restore your nails natural color and shape! 

Prevent Un-Healthy Growth With 100% Natural Protection

ASTI Restore gives you a protective shield around your nail while it nourishes and gently helps NEW nail growth. It promotes the reattachment of loose nails, while whitening the yellow nail, bringing back the natural nail color. You’ll benefit from a maximum strength formula with no side effects (ASTI Restore is safe for all skin types).
Here are the 100% pure, natural ingredients inside every bottle of ASTI Restore: Ascorbyl palmitate vitamin C, Lauric acid from coconut oil, L-ascorbic acid collagen promoting, Linoleic acid for maintaining cell membranes, Linoleic acid dermal ceramide, Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, Myristic acid cell regeneration, Margaric Acid hydration. 20 years of testing and natural ingredients combine to make an odorless and easy-to-apply nail beautifier that penetrates the nail naturally, and deeply, so you can see results quickly.

Here’s How Easy It Is To Use



 Top-Rated On Amazon Because It’s Effective

ASTI Restore works on all different nail types to naturally restore color, shape, and eliminate embarrassing fungus. Apply it as instructed, and depending on nail type some of our customers see a difference within the first week and most will start seeing a difference before they use up their first bottle.

You can read reviews from verified purchases on this page from happy customers who have actually used the product (some who have been disappointed by other alternatives in the past until they found ASTI Restore).

Here’s Why (For A Very Limited Time Only) We’re Giving This Sample Bottle Away (a $59.97 value)…

A special message from the founder of ASTI Life, Anita Telle: 

I founded ASTI LIFE to serve people who had been frustrated with trying to restore their skin and nails to their natural beauty and wanted a natural, pure solution. Our most popular product, ASTI Restore, is valued because, much like your smile and skin, your nails are one of the things people notice about you first -- and restoring them to their natural color can truly affect your self-image.

 Sadly, so many options in the market, and alternatives you hear about online, can either be expensive or just plain in-effective. For 20 years I searched for a natural way to help my customers with the urgent problem of unsightly nails. After decades of testing I found a truly pure and simple way to eliminate and prevent nail fungus.

I grew the business organically and by word of mouth when I first started, so I took the same approach when we finally brought ASTI Restore to the public. I gave away free samples locally to show people it could work and to stand behind my product. I knew once they saw for themselves they would be back to join the ASTI Family.
Now, for the first time ever, I am bringing my “Good-Will Sample Giveaway” online so that YOU can try ASTI Restore for yourself (a $59.97 value).
Just cover the very modest shipping and handling and we’ll send your free bottle of ASTI Restore immediately (usually arrives anywhere in the U.S. within 7-10 days).
Unlike alternatives you might see online, there is NO obligation to subscribe to monthly billing and there are NO hidden fees.
Why would I practically give away a product worth almost $60?
Simple: I know for myself how frustrating it can be to search for options and find the first few options do not work, so I gave up. I know what it’s like to have too many alternatives in front of you and not have a great reason to try any of them. I know what it’s like to just want to be myself and think “I remember when I didn’t have this problem, I wish it would just go away”. This offer is the best way I can help YOU restore your natural beauty while I grow my business and serve my purpose – we all win!
Anita Telle Founder, ASTI Life
P.S. - Please understand, I can’t do this forever. ASTI Restore takes time, effort, and investment to produce in the U.S.A. so this special offer will only be up for a limited time. The only place you can take advantage of this special offer is on this page I’ve made just for this “Good-Will Sample Giveaway”.

Get Your Sample Bottle Now (A $59.97 Value) For Just The Price Of Shipping

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