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We are offering you a breakthrough discovery, used for over six hundred years to solve skin issues.  All Natural, Organic, and It Works!

ASTI Life has always been about offering groundbreaking products at a reasonable price, great for your wallet, and great for the earth. From the beginning we set down clear principles that included a genuine commitment to quality and service for our customers. We listen to your needs, wants and requests that you provided us with. We are working hard for you, our customer to understand “If you’re not satisfied, we are not doing our job”.  From the integrity of the ingredients to the 100% money back guarantee. - We are here for you!

 A Few Of The Reasons You Should Buy From Us

An Amazing Beginning

Our start up story is as amazing the results our customers are getting from using our product.

 While doing research for a biotech firm at the Stanford University Biology Library, it was noted that references was made to a “healing plant” in an ancient Chinese document.  Further investigation at the Helen Corker Russel library revealed a four-paragraph dissertation on an extract from a rare subspecies of Bitter Melon.  This subspecies had been used and traded throughout Asia. However, during the invasion of China by Japan, this natural remedy was lost to the world.

For over 3 years, researchers attempted to grow starts from old and infertile seeds. After 3 years only 7 plants sprouted from 500 seeds planted. Today we can say that the determination of a passionate biotech researcher to rediscover and manufacture an ancient remedy offering over 20 phyto-botanicals with remarkable anti-allergen, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant capabilities.

With all the wonderful feedback we are getting from our customers, we feel strongly that you too, will benefit from becoming a part of the Asti Life family. We ask you to consider us for your next purchase.