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ASTI Clear for Beautiful Clear Skin

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AstiClear is a pharmaceutical grade herbal remedy, very effective for treating acne, pimples, blackhead, whiteheads and boils. A cool, soothing antibacterial dermal decongestant, reduces inflammation, and has no artificial additives or alcohol. Made in the USA for quality and comes in a one-ounce bottle, making it convenient for travel. AstiClear is 100% Natural, Vegan and not tested on animals. Clear does not over dry your skin, the gentle blend of natural products gently resolve skin irritations, the organic aloe vera gel leaves your skin feeling refreshed and healthy. 


Adult acne can affect the quality of your life, in the United States 50% of adult woman (25% of adult men) will have to deal with adult acne at some point in their grownup life. During your teenage years you expect acne, it's part of growing up. However as an adult is is a much harder problem to deal with. It is important to know that a diet high in sugar & refined carbohydrates causes acne to worsen. Clear really helps clear up hormonal breakouts as well. 

The melon extract is a revolutionary antioxidant combination that delivers advanced antibacterial dermal decongestant, while soothing the skin. The Bitter melon is a source of many different antioxidants this makes it perfect for your skin. 100% natural, you will see the inflammation around the acne disappear within a few days of applying the product.

Keep your complexion looking smooth and touchable with ASTI Clear.  Apply with a q-tip directly on the affected area in the morning, then let it dry for at least a minute before you apply your daily moisturizer. Apply every night to wake up to smoother softer skin and see those pimples disappear. Clear penetrates to clear up all forms of acne.

  • LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT SPECIAL OCCASION, BUT WORRIED AOBUT AN ACNE BREAKOUT, our product has been working as a preventative acne solution for thousands of people suffering from Teenage Acne to Adult Acne. Asti Clear fights acne-causing bacteria, is fragrance free and leaves no residue.
  • IS ACNE MAKING YOUR LIFE MISERABLE? Sit back and relax, our 100% natural acne remedy is a pharmaceutical grade herbal remedy is very effective for dealing with cystic acne, pimples, blackheads and boils.
  • FAST WORKING ACNE RELIEF. Perfect for all skin types, no artificial additives or alcohol this product soothes skin & reduces redness, Gentle enough to use as often as needed. Naturally safe, absolutely guaranteed. We united the power of nature with centuries of wisdom.
  • YOU DESERVE THE BEST ACNE SOLUTION, looking your best gives you confidence, and with AstiClear you can have Clear Skin, Our Natural Remedy contains Aloe Vera, allows the skin to heal, is gentle on the skin and contains NO artificial additives or alcohol.
  • FEELING LIKE A TEENAGER AGAIN? ADULT ACNE ARE YOU KIDDING ME?You are over the age of 35 and you are still getting embarrassing breakouts, you are not alone one in three people seeking acne treatment are over the age of 35. Clear by Astilife is an amazing preventative product, that should be a part of your regime, you will not be disappointed. 100% money back guarantee.



Ascorbyl palmitate is a fat-soluble form of vitamin C and possesses all of the attributes of ascorbic acid. It is more easily absorbed by the body and can be stored in the membranes of the cells until needed. It is also a powerful antioxidant, the same as vitamin C. It also takes part in the biochemistry of the production of collagen and coAscorbyl palmitate also acts as an anti-inflammatory with certain conditions, such as psoriasis where topical application helped to reduce the extent of the lesions. Ascorbyl palmitate is the most widely used fat-soluble derivative of vitamin C in skin care. It is nonirritating and more stable than vitamin C. Furthermore, ascorbyl palmitate is a fat-soluble antioxidant and is at least as effective as vitamin E in protecting the skin from lipid peroxidation (a key type of free radical damage in the skin). Numerous skin care products containing ascorbyl palmitate are commercially available.

Lauric acid is the main acid in coconut oil and in palm kernel oil (not to be confused with palm oil), and is believed to have antimicrobial properties.[1][2][3] It is also found in human milk (5.8% of total fat), cow’s milk (2.2%), and goat’s milk (4.5%).[
When lauric acid is present in the body, it is converted into monolaurin, a monoglyceride compound which exhibits antiviral, antimicrobial, antiprotozoal and antifungal properties. It acts by disrupting the lipid membranes in organisms like fungus, bacteria and viruses, thus destroying them. The compound monolaurin is an effective treatment for Candida albicans and fungal infections like ringworm and athlete’s foot.

L-ascorbic acid can be used to boost collagen synthesis. Also, it should be more stable and less irritating than vitamin C. So far, two compounds have found their way into the broad skin care market: ascorbyl palmitate and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. A few other highly promising derivatives are on the horizon.

Linoleic acid, the proper name for  is: allcis-w6,9-octadecadienoic acid, and is required for maintaining the integrity of cellular membranes. linoleic acid applied topically metabolizes into ceramides and unsaturated omega-hydroxy fatty acids, restoring the moisture and barrier-integrity of the skin. Linoleic acid helps relieve flaky, itchy, or rough skin and maintain smooth, moist skin. A tablespoon of linoleic acid-rich foods or oils may be added on a daily basis to help improve and moisturize skin. Linoleic acid may also help with skin disorders such as atopic eczema.

Linoleic acid deficiencies include: eczema-like skin eruptions, conLinoleic acid is also a major component of dermal ceramides, the binding ‘mortars’ between cells that provide both skin strength and barrier function.28,29. A study found that essential fatty acid-deficient skin has a weakened water-retaining barrier and that Fatty Acids , specifically linoleic acid and gamma linoleic acid, are required for the skin to retain moisture, development of healthy skin and cell membranes, reducing puffiness and swelling. Science has found that linoleic acid is necessary to the enzymatic activity that develops skin cells into proper water-maintaining barriers.24 A deficiency of linoleic acid is characteristic of dry skin.25 Studies have found that a deficiency of linoleic acid is linked to conditions of poor skin such as acne.26 when applied topically, these two compounds reduce trans-epidermal water loss.

Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids have been found not only to reduce the damage and aging caused by sunlight, but when applied to the skin, also improve collagen and the elastin fibers in the skin. Omega 3 and 6 oils have also proven to be successful in the treatment of psoriasis as well as eczemas. Although Omega oils are well know for the beneficial effect they have on your health when taken in supplement form, the topical application of these polyunsaturated fatty acids to the skin also offer great benefit – not only helping to moisturize the skin, but also helping to reduce inflammation and to strengthen the skin. These acids contribute actively to the development of the skin’s outer layer. They thus help promote the elasticity of the skin, as well as having an “anti-aging” effect on dry, damaged skin, in particular by ensuring a partial improvement of its structure.

Myristic acid, also called tetradecanoic acid, is a common saturated fatty acid with the molecular formula CH3(CH2)12COOH found in dairy products. Myristic acid links together the proteins that form the skin’s protective outer layer. It also regulates the skin cell regeneration, which prevents over active scaling. Myristic acid is often added co-translationally to an N-terminal glycine as a lipid anchor in biomembranes.
The ester isopropyl myristate is used in cosmetic and topical medicinal preparations where good absorption through the skin is desired.

Margaric Acid, Hydrates skin and reduces redness, prevents transepidermal water loss, Helps heal skin tissue, Absorbs quickly. It is known to be simply an intimate mixture of stearic and palmitic acids.



We are offering you a breakthrough discovery, used for over six hundred years to solve skin issues.  All Natural, Organic, and It Works!

ASTI Life has always been about offering groundbreaking products at a reasonable price, great for your wallet, and great for the earth. From the beginning we set down clear principles that included a genuine commitment to quality and service for our customers. We listen to your needs, wants and requests that you provided us with. We are working hard for you, our customer to understand “If you’re not satisfied, we are not doing our job”.  From the integrity of the ingredients to the 100% money back guarantee. - We are here for you!

 A Few Of The Reasons You Should Buy From Us

  • Our fulfillment center is located in beautiful Scotts Valley, California, where your orders will be shipped with care & next day service.
  • Secure Ordering available online and we are also “only a phone call away” (PST    8:30am – 4:30 pm.
  • You will not find our products competing in price wars, Asti Life offers lowest pricing available online directly to you our customer.
  • Courteous, knowledgeable and professional support.
  • Our goal is to restore and maintain your natural beauty with affordable, natural solutions.
  • We are delighted to tell you that “word of mouth” is how our product got its start. 
  • As a thank you for trying our product and believing in us, we offer you a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.
  • All items are in stock & ready to ship.
  • Our mission is to keep growing Asti Life while staying true to our principles and business ethics.
  • Pure and simple healing.

An Amazing Beginning

Our start up story is as amazing the results our customers are getting from using our product.

 While doing research for a biotech firm at the Stanford University Biology Library, it was noted that references was made to a “healing plant” in an ancient Chinese document.  Further investigation at the Helen Corker Russel library revealed a four-paragraph dissertation on an extract from a rare subspecies of Bitter Melon.  This subspecies had been used and traded throughout Asia. However, during the invasion of China by Japan, this natural remedy was lost to the world.

For over 3 years, researchers attempted to grow starts from old and infertile seeds. After 3 years only 7 plants sprouted from 500 seeds planted. Today we can say that the determination of a passionate biotech researcher to rediscover and manufacture an ancient remedy offering over 20 phyto-botanicals with remarkable anti-allergen, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant capabilities.

With all the wonderful feedback we are getting from our customers, we feel strongly that you too, will benefit from becoming a part of the Asti Life family. We ask you to consider us for your next purchase.  


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